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This ain't a scene, it's an arms race
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23rd-Nov-2007 01:43 pm(no subject)
It's been too long since i've last posted anything.

Looking at friendster pictures and facebook whats its.
I've realised how detached i've become over the past few months.

I wouldn't say that everyone has grown apart
But that life has forced us to go in our own directions
Close friends spread apart in diferent countries
As we find ourselves getting more and more busy.
We hardly take time to stop and think.
Instead we find ourselves pushing ahead
Forgetting about the memories
Just geting caught up in our miserable lives.
Eventualy, eventually, everyone goes in their own directions.

I wouldn't call myself miserable.
I'm quite happy with the way things are.
But when you take the time to stop and think
You do kind of feel slightly miserable for abit.

Wanting so much to go back to THAT old life.
Hating how time is of so much essence.

Sounds emo?

Might be abit retarded coming from me.
1st-Jul-2007 09:59 pm - Du du du
I'm back in business!


Have been spending too much time standing around at RIPCURL, pacific plaza.
To: Those who do not already know.
You are pathetic.
Or maybe i didn't tell you.

I have been spending like 4 weeks of my current life there already.
Apart from standing for 8 hours straight daily.
Having a 6 day work week.
Having virtually no lunch break.
Serving a multitude of caucasian man/chinese cuties/chinese not cuties/malay cuties/malay not cuties/female/male et.cetera.
Having only 2 cigarette breaks a day
Checking out the manager at the super gay cream bistro
Mistaking the owner for being female
Listening to super old chinese songs while fagging.

I am quite enjoying myself.
I enjoy the company of my colleagues.
Friendly people.

Aparently i'm being labelled as Paris Hilton in Ripcurl.
Because aparently, my colleague Andy thinks i'm BIMBOTIC.

Today, I worked an hour OT. And when it was time for me the leave.
Colleague Kenny decides to change the song blasting on the radio to Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind.
He giggled as it was playing.
And he called the songs stars don't shine or something like that.
He's got a weird little squarish lookin thing on his biceps when he flexes them.
Xiao Yao Guai.

Thank god Andy went down to stussy to punch my card for me.
I thought i was saved.
The song had just ended and Andy wasnt around to laugh at me.
Kenny went back in.
And he played the song again.

This time the remix stars are blind. RnB one seh.
Thanks kenny. Thanks so much.
So ya. Andy laughed at me.
Alex laughed at me.
And Jae was let in on the joke too.

People. I am not bimbotic puh-lease.
I might have a one track mind where i can't multitask or utter a word to you while i'm doing something or even realise your existance when i'm deep in thought.
But I'm actually a very intellectual person.
I ask very intellectual questions tt sets your mind thinking.
Intellectually stimulating questions.

* * *

Quek came to see me yesterday at work.
With her friend Van.
Was it Van? =x

* * *

Sarah's Party is on the 7th of July
Almost everyone's invited i think!
I'm most definitely looking forward to it.
Lots of food, gloriously good food.

Announcement: People tt actually bothered to read this, please try to come around 8pm. I'll be home by then.  People who are bringing your bfs (if you hv more than one. Nah just kiddin) please do tell me in advance and probably ask them to bring something small eg. chocs/ice cream. It's all in goodwill isn't it? Or just so we don't bitch. 

eg. "my bf bring sanitary pad, why her/his boyfriend empty hand one."
       "ya la. So rude noe."
       "tsk tsk"
Something along those lines.

27th-May-2007 09:02 pm - Savvy?
Pirates is fabtabulously fantastic
And Jack Sparrow is absolutely deliriously delicious
I've got the hotties for him
Marry me on board the black pearl with me wearing a black dress and a ring with a black pearl on it.
Too bad ur fictional.
I'd eat you up if u weren't.
Yo-Ho A pirates life for me!

Just got back from tioman island.
Went with my mom, sis and her new "boytoy" Terence
He is quite cute and funny with a malayish chinese accent lol.
Sad to say the corals were like.
Such a rip off.
Snorkel with deadish corals.
The fishes were cute. Although they like bit my hands a couple of times.
I'm purdey dark now. Imagine like jack's color.
Dark from the sun and the sea!
Oh jack. Lovely jack.
Embrace me in thy dirt under ur fingernail hands.
And hold me tightly against the shirt you never fail to always wear and never wash.
Let me smell the stench of the sea and your sweat~~~~~

Ok. Now i sound like a psychopath.

Singledom does have its toll on people.

Then again. It is johnny depp. He is. Johnny depp.
Everyone loves johnny!
So maybe i'm not so crazy to be infatuated by that 43 year old turd

I swear i'm goin to rent all the shows he's ever starred in.
16th-May-2007 07:06 pm - Surveying Whore
Am working for 4 days as a temp staff at this IMDEX thing.
I think it stands for like "international maritime defence exhibition" ?
God knows wot it stands for.
Like god cares what it stands for

So basically, i thought i'd be swarmed by testosterone brimming to the point of explosion young man
Well alas. My thoughts deceptively deceived me and i was much. MUCH. disappointed to be
by middle age men. who were mostly pakistanis.
Isn't that like where osama came from!?
I work with them now.

The dark curly hair arabic man.

Well, there were some expats.
And some cute navy guys.
But they were....

And i swear to god that i'm some dumbass.
I gave my no to a french man.
Only becuz he kept bugging me for it.
Was outside taking a fag when he walked by me.
He was smiling and stuff.
So i smiled back, i was thinkin he's probably one of them friendly expats.
Then i stub out my fag and walk back in.
And he comes to borrow a pen from me.
At that point i didn;t know it was him.
Becuz well. I simply cannot recognise him.
Then he was like
"OH! i recognise you! You were outside smoking. Its not good for your health no?"
Well. Duh.
I decided to be diplomatic and not "well duh" him.
So i laughed. And asked him to do a survey for me
Then he asked me a couple of redundant questions which i answered honestly and ended it with a laugh.
Then he was like, can i finish this survey later?
"Give me your name?"
so i gave it
Then he was like "you must give me your no too"
Well. I thought i heard wrongly at first, so i just laughed it off and told him to come back later.
The man frowned and looked at me
"Your no"
I laughed again bimbotically this time hoping he would sense my nervousness and reluctance.
"No, no really your no?"
I so like a blithering idiot gave it.



Please don't call me french men  @_@ 
U know the saying.
A french man is a dirty man.

There was a cute vietnamese marine guy i think.
I think he was vietnamese.
He kept smiling at me.
And he had those gold strings around his shoulders.
Looks like some high post to me.
Em Nho Anh Vietnamese Boy.
Nicole dep lam~!!!
14th-May-2007 12:44 am - Too hot I need some Rain
The weather these days has been sweltering

28 Weeks is a rather scary show.
Chua Sai-ing.

I sleep peacefully these days.
I had a dream last night.
It felt so real.
It felt good.
It made me happy.
Till i woke up.

Suddenly reality comes crashing back down

It was only a dream.
A dream that blew me up to the clouds above.
And when i awoke.
It was like the wings that kept me up were taken away.
And suddenly I'm filled with so much pain.

It was only a dream.
A visualization of what the subconscious mind really wants.
Really misses.

Good god.
What a sod i am.
Sordid morbid sod of a toad.

Now I've got sore throat.
Damn flu bug.
12th-May-2007 12:04 am(no subject)


Friends can see more.

29th-Apr-2007 07:13 pm - Sigh

Goodbye my friend
Goodbye my sweet friend
You were by my side since i was a wee little kid
And now i'll bid you farewell
I'll miss you

Goodbye Jessie

I feel so bad
Qiurong told me that she wasn't breathing
and i dismissed it without a thought
Many times i passed her spot and i'd think she wasn't breathing
get the shock of my life and stare
till i see some movement

I thought it was one of those times.

Goes to show how you can never take things for granted.

I realise that i've been making this mistake so much

It feels weird not to have her around
That white furball
Who used to bark everytime we come home
and lick our toes
She did that till she got so old
Even when she couldn't see couldn't walk
She would still bark
Lift her head as we walk by
to welcome us home

Yeah. I didn't like that she was smelly
But nonetheless
I loved her, she was part of the family


Today, i was i guess fated/unfated.
He was in town with the rest of his mates.
So was i with helmet head.
I went to the loo
And when i came out i had two texts.
One said
"I think i saw bin"
another said
"I think i saw your mercs boy"

Fate has it's way of twisting things.

I'm glad i didn't see him.
I wouldn't have known how to react.
Should I have said Hi?
Should i pretend to have sand in my eye.
I think i wouldve opted for the latter.

I can't bring myself to utter
"Hi, How are you"
Nope. I simply can't
I would've taken a car and run him over.
I would even reverse the car to make sure i didn't miss a spot.

Hate is powerful.

28th-Apr-2007 05:05 am - So Love. So Tired

200 pounds beauty is a GREAT show!
I think i laughed like practically throughout the show
The guy is damn damn damn damn damn damn damn shuai
Joo Jin-Mo

Chao Yandao! *DROOLS*

<wah lau. Why upload pics must so mafan. use photobucket. gaahzles!>

He is just so ($U*@)%&*&@*&)#$*_%U*)_@*&$&(*$)I$(@J$(@_U

Went to Mas Ayu to eat,
The Pattaya there rawks.
But for some unknown reason
Whenever i eat there
I get the runs the next day
Stupid larh. This is wot good food does to pretty girls.

Went home after Mas Ayu with the mindset that the night was over.
Was quite sad actually.
My baby called.
"mom mom. Alana wants to go find u"
Aww. So love.

Thus, we stopped outside my place for a fag.
Which i didn't have

And waiting for Jane and Alan to come by
Those that had to work left as soon as my baby and alana came.

After that we decided to go to the park near my place and wait for Helmet.

The secret Rendevous!
ALana and Jane, Helmet and Moi.


Alana and Baby got Ai Mei.

There were only 2 bikes and a pair of blades.
Alana, Baby and I had to share the bikes.
So i had one. Alana and baby shared one!
Alan is so yong gan and fit and stable.
He can ride with Jane/Me between his arms.
With his legs wide open.
PS: Sorry i'm so heavy larh!

And i recalled him saying, "Have sex also never open leg so big"
So er xin. Boy have sex must open leg one meh!

During our secret rendevous at the park, we discovered that it was actually linked to ECP.
Then the adventure begins.

The Adventure.
We endured gruelling and rough terrain.
The dark and unlit paths, where i magically turned on the lights and voila! The magic of batteries and light bulbs. And the closed circuit.
(damn singapore government tryin to save money on electricity, off our streetlampus!)
Up and Downs, even cycled past the elite guards camp.
It was quite pretty looking.
After a much long and tiring journey we finally reached ECP.
Where we again. Cycled all the fucking way to Mac.
At which point i felt that after all that gruelling exercise i should reward myself to some

It was damn good.

Alan is so freaking taiko i tell you!
He played the one dollar game where u push that metal arm around
and it drops to pick up the soft toy which you hardly ever get.
He had no idea how to actually play the shit and just jabbed around.
But alas.
His luck could only run so far.
The toy slid out at the eleventh hour and plopped right back into the machine.
Tough luck alan.
There was a couple that actually got 2 somemore!

Alan weak la.
Change money again to play also still cannot get.
2 attempts at the soft toy. 2 failures.


Tough luck alan.

The journey home was filled with lots of cries of pain from baby and me.
"backside pain la"
"ass pain la"
"leg pain la"
"tigh pain la"

Everywhere pain la.

I wear pad shi dui de.
Extra cushioning.
Damn song.

Yawn. 540am le! Beam me up scotteh!!!!!

26th-Apr-2007 01:14 am - Long Day

What a LONG DAY.

Spent the day with Jane, Sarah, Nelson, P-bitch, Alan and Helmet =)

Met Jane, Nelson, Sarah and Helmet at 12 to go to AustEd.
Applied for UQ
Broke liao larh.

Then we went for YUMCHA
This is like the 2nd time I'm having the 15 dollars wondrous buffet,
So friggin good.
But if i go one more time
I will really puke EVERYWHERE.

Maybe i can do a piccaso with YUMCHA puke.

Think i could sell that pukepiece?

This time round YUMCHA was purdey crowded.
So the service was NOT SO GOOD.
At least the auntie didn't shake her head at us like the last time
We kept ordering stuff that didn't come
When we asked still it didn't come
When it finally came
It was either too little, or relatively cold
The bamboo soup was so good tho.
Had one for myself
Then told helmet i'd share with him the other
But i finish it myself
Omg. So sorry helmet.
You should've fight with me mah.
I already said, "Nice things must gen wo chiang"

Like how sometimes you have to fight for the things you wan =^_~=
U feel me!???????!!!!

After that met P-bitch at vivo.
their stuff are quite pretty looking
I like my 21 buck wallet.
I mean MINI wallet.
It's like puny. Cant even put cards.
So ex larh for 21 bucks. But i think it really sweet looking.
Meant for a sweet person like uhhhh.. ME.

Went to pet safari after
The dogs are so seriously cute.
I really wanna keep a dog now. Esp a goldie.
*nicole loves goldies*

Something real comical happened at pet safari.
This alan.
Read Shitzu wrongly. 
Seriously. I never heard of a dog called shiteh.
Sounds so WRONG.
Pearlyn's ah ger type of dog

Went to foodcourt for dinner becuz p-bitch had to eat.
she had chap chai beng.
Looks damn big larh.

Then outside the foodcourt when we all were fagging.
AGAIN, this Alan
With his horrid sounding NOKIA ringtone
Answered his damn fone,
Then all the vulgaries flowed like a gushing waterfall.


Alan seriously. You are so vulgar.
And stop playing with the lighter with my baby.
My poor baby
And you suck at bejeweled.
You are not excused either shitty helmet head.
Buwee my pretty beautiful impeccably perfect daughter.
Hell has no fury like a woman's wrath.
And this does not even decribe a fraction of me.

ps: thank you sarah for doing the MOE application for me, i heart you

25th-Apr-2007 12:47 am - Crimson
I'm not the type of girl that gets knocked down so easily!

Get up. Get up. Get up.
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